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The Mane Attraction

The Mane Attraction - Shelly Laurenston Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!! This is definitely my new favorite series of the week!! Such a fun series to read!! Really great dynamic and engaging characters, witty banter, fast paced story lines and enough steam to fill a sauna!!

Sissy and Mitch are friends and have a fabulous back and forth teasing banter. They are both troublemakers and the combination is hilarious. They are a pair of playful pranksters who have no clue that they have fallen in love. It really sneaks up on them, not so much of a surprise to anybody else.

The plot this time took up home to Tennessee and you really see a lot of the whole Smith family! I love all the trouble Sissy and Ronnie stirred up! Their past pranks and all the crazy fun they get into on this visit were a delight to read!! I was laughing my way through most of the book! So many favorite moments and lines!!

When the steam happened, it was hot as all get out!! This series really knows how to deliver the smexy!!! Good lord does it get hot and heavy!! Such wicked detail in a mainstream read!

As always a well crafted tale that is delightful from beginning to end. The supporting cast this time around is plentiful but never gets confusing. The mixed narrative helps to keep the reader in on the thoughts of the main characters. You also get a few bonus POV from other characters, this helps give a fuller more enriched reading experience.

Charlotte Kane is the narrator for the series and she is fabulous! She's perfect for these books, she brings in the sense of fun and energy to the reads. Great characterizations, everybody has a distinct voice. She is a rather quick reader, something I enjoy but others might be put off by. She makes me laugh out loud all the time. Big love for her reads!

I can not wait to jump into the next book!! I hear it is a yummy bear shifter, those are my favorites!! And yes Ms Laurenston, I will be stalking...um following you from now on!!