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Wolf Tracker

Wolf Tracker - Maddy Barone Book three in the series takes a darker turn, this heroine did not have a good experience leaving the plane to seek help. This is not a book for somebody with triggers to read, it isn't detailed but there is enough to cause concern. It is all key to the events of the book and true to the story.

Tami is a strong woman who has a serious will to survive. You can not help but admire her while she struggles to stay free in the beginning of the book. I really liked that Ms Barone did not skip over the healing stages for the character. She did not have her jumping straight in bed with the hero after the horrors she experienced. There is a real progression from the victim fighting to survive to the woman coming to terms and finally finding her self again.

I loved the hero Tracker, he was patient with his mate when she needed space. He was supremely understanding of her feelings and lent support quietly. It was really interesting seeing him walk the line from wanting to be with his mate and not wanting to scare her.

I really enjoyed the story this time, it had real meat on it and took on many hard topics. Don't get me wrong there is some smexy action later in the story, but this is more about relationship building. I loved seeing more of the supporting characters and their growth.

The narrative is mostly from the two leads POVs, alternating smoothly from section to section. It is great for giving a fuller picture of events and helps you understand their feelings. There are a couple spots where you get other character's POV, it wasn't integral to the story but nice to see.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Clementine Cage, who does a great job. She has been with the series from the start and had time to develop character voices. I did think Tami's voice was a bit too deep and butch sounding, but then there were times when it sounded fine. She has a wonderful way of creating movement and adding energy to scenes.

Overall, I am thrilled with this series and eager to see what happens with all the other couples. I wish the other novellas were in audio. This series is a unique look at the post Apocalypse genre. I do wish there were a touch more detail about what happened in the Apocalypse and the extent of the damage. At this point I am left wondering was it just in the USA or all over. A little more exposition would be great.