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Yvette's Haven

Yvette's Haven - Tina Folsom Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

Yeah, finally Yvette's story, no fair it being all about the boys!! Loved this one and getting a better sense of this strong woman.

Yvette may seem a bit of a nasty in the previous books, you get to see her heart and what makes her tick. I loved her strength and all her snarky sass. I am all for a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it! Her back story was kinda simple, I guess I hoped for more because the guys seemed more in depth.

Haven is really delicious,but why did he get the great backstory? Sigh, this seemed more his book than hers. It was enjoyable just not what I expected. It was a really well paced and enjoyable book with plenty of interesting twists and turns.

The steam factor was super yummy, it took a while for things to get seriously hot, but considering the situation. Once they get smexxxy, it is delicious!! Oh la, fan face!! And there is one uber sexy vamp feeding scene!!

I like the mixed narrative, more insight when you have each character's POV. Bonus points for also giving us Zane's thoughts, can not wait for his book next!!!

I listened to the audiobook and once again find Kevin Foley to be an enjoyable and engaging narrator. There could have been more variety in the voices but the emotions come through wonderfully.