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Zane's Redemption

Zane's Redemption - Tina Folsom Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

A very emotional read. I have to give Ms Folsom props for tackling suck a touchy subject as the Holocaust. Really well done and handled with respect to all who suffered.

Zane is just the sort of brooding guy I always love!! He is yummy in all his grumpiness. He has one of the deepest back stories to date. It is going to get very emotional at times, have tissues ready. I loved his dynamic with Portia and with his puppy. The bigger they are the harder they fall!

Portia is young but doesn't act overly immature, I really appreciate that. I loved her sass and the way she put Zane to task. It was great to learn more about the Hybrids and how they fit into the flow of everything.

The story this time is very heart wrenching because of the subject matter. The pacing is very nice, it flows from start to finish. Really terrific storytelling as usual.

The steam is slower to build, but that is part of the plot line. Once they get smexy it is rather hot!! Fan Face, yup, take me away to a cabin in the woods, please!

Kevin Foley is the narrator on the audiobooks and her does a great job of keeping the story flowing. His voices and characterizations are terrific. He may not have the sexiest voice out there but he definitely delivers on the yumminess of the story!

Can't wait for the next book, I am really enjoying the visits with all the past characters and the way the next hero's POV is mixed into the current book. That is a great way to hook me into wanting to know more about him!!