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Their Virgin Hostage

Their Virgin Hostage - Shayla Black, Lexi Blake Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

I really enjoyed the story this time. I have resigned myself to the whole "virgin" hook. It is just something I deal with, I enjoy the series so that isn't such a sacrifice.

I loved Kinley and all her sassy sweetness. She is a fun character to read and I loved that she didn't turn into a puddle when facing everything that came her way. She really had a lot to deal with throughout the book. She was also smart enough to work the situation when it called for subterfuge.

Dominic, Law and Riley are the typical he-men that you come to expect in this series. Yummy and delicious but a touch flawed on the inside. Of the three Law is my favorite, I am a sucker for the dark and brooding type who falls hard!

The steam factor is especially delicious! Oh la, the hot and heavy action!! There seems to be a touch of a pattern for the steam in this series, I can almost make a general outline for what will happen in the smexy scenes of these books. The BDSM is still lighter, more spankings and Dom talk, but that is the way I prefer things. I totally love that all the girls have brat tendencies, those are my favorite heroines!

The big turn/mystery in the plot line was kinda obvious, I saw it coming from about the second mention of the illegal activity. That didn't stop me from enjoying things, it just did not come as a surprise when things are revealed.

Loved the mixed narrative, I am all about getting everybody's POV. I listened to the audio-book and loved the narrator, Serena Daniels. She does a terrific job with the voices and when she reads the smexy Dom stuff, oh boy! She really brings the story to life.

Love this series, but I breezed through them, now I have to wait until April for the next book!! I hear it is going to be a certain BFF and some sexy Chicago lawyers!