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Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild - Celia Kyle Getting more story this book. Great infiltration of Freedom. I had hoped we would see more happen with this group and an effort to bring them down. Love Elly and Deuce! The way they both refuse to forget the other and fight to get back together! Naughty council making things difficult.

The smexy is off the hook! Yeah they are totally hot for each other and have no qualms about making the mating happen after the time apart. Yummy Yummy!!

I love that Elly is such a bad@$$ chick!! Do not mess with her or her man! She has a few clear "You Go Girl" moments! Definitely sporting some GIRL POWER!

Another shifter I hope to see get a HEA, Stone. Sure he had a bad moment and took his beating like a man. Now he deserves a mate to snuggle!