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Hooked By You

Hooked By You - Clarissa Wild The first book caught my attention enough to warrant reading the sequel. But I probably should have stopped with one. This just wasn't a series for me.

The story is interesting, although Chloe comes off as rather fickle. The writing is well done when it comes to story telling. Ethan seems really sweet and I was hoping for a menage twist. Very little Kaito this time around.

The steam factor is high, there are two sexy scenes that should have had me all hot and bothered. They just left me kind of flat. When I had time to think about it the reason is a little weird. It feels like they were written by a man and not a woman. The dialogue during sex is rudimentary at best. I like a little dirty talk or sensual phrases.

There was some hot handcuff action and a nearly public scene, but both left me cold. They just weren't very sexy. Perhaps it is because I read loads of super sexy sensual books. I thought that was missing.

On the upside this is a good start for a new author. The story is interesting and the characters have a bit of depth. In future books I expect the steam to get sexy as this newbie works out the kinks, no pun intended. I am also curious where the story is headed next.

While this was not my cup of tea I am sure it will be delightful to many. It is a good place to start if you are just dipping your toes into the world of erotic romance.