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Yellowstone Deception

Yellowstone Deception - Peggy L. Henderson Even though this was book five in the series, I think it fits better as book two. I tried reading the actual second book but was not feeling the lead guy. I decided to skip to this book as it happens shortly after the first one ends. And this is Jana's story, which I was really interested in reading.

I really liked the time travel elements in this story. Sometimes I get iffy on that theme, but I totally enjoyed the way it was used in this book and the first. Maybe it was most interesting to me because I am not familiar with the history of Yellowstone. I loved hearing about the time period and challenges faced.

I really liked Jana and her spunky, loyal personality! She goes above and beyond for a friend. I like that she is not a pushover and takes time to show her anger after the deception. She took a while to forgive and really made him work to regain her trust and affections.

Dan is actually a great character, once you get past his mistakes, and he does work to atone. He is young and made a huge error in judgement, but that is what leads to him and Jana getting back together. Without that deception there would be no story. I liked that he was another rugged wilderness man. Yummy take charge fella!

There is a little bit of steam, not full on erotic detail, but smexy enough to get a gal warm!! You might need to fan your face!! A little bit of spice to heat up the romance!!

This is a mixed narrative that swaps between the two lead characters. I enjoy getting both sides of the romance, it really makes it a fuller story. There were a few spots that felt redundant because a conversation was worded almost the same as when the characters was thinking about things. It is a picky thing that gets to me as a reader, if they thought it out in detail they do not have to have the same detail in a conversation.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Alexandra Haag. She does a great job with the voices and keeping them distinct. She has a great pace for the read, adding energy to action scenes making them even more dramatic. She really fits the story and makes it come to life.

Overall, the story is really great and very involved. The pace is great and moves smoothly through the story. Really terrific characters who are engaging and real. I was totally taken by the book from beginning to end. Warning, have tissues handy, if you are emotional like myself, you will need them! Kudos on great storytelling that had me sobbing and laughing.

In the end I am good with doing book one and book five in the series. They are the most connected stories and had the great time travel angle. I read the blurbs on the other books and they are tenuous connections at best. I am usually the kind of person who must read every book in a series, but I am good with just these two. The books are most likely as well crafted as the two I read, but the stories just do not grab me, but check them out, cause they might appeal to you as a reader! If not book 1 and 5 work well as a duology!