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Divine Charity

Divine Charity - Heather Rainier From the very start of this series I have wanted Justin and Charity's story. I thought I would get a quick novella telling their meeting, courtship and eventual hot and heavy. So, I was leery when I found out it was going to actually be a menage picking up in present day. I was not sure I would like and established couple turning into a quartet. Slowly I was drawn in my excerpts online, and came to crave the book.

The great thing about an established couple is the book can start off with a whole mountain of steam!!! Oh, hells yeah!!! This book is a serious scorcher! And it only gets hotter as it goes on!! Yes, yes, oh gawd yes!

The story is great, you really get more into the depth of the relationship. I loved seeing them grow and progress as a unit. I will happily admit I was wrong here and Ms Rainier crafted a tale that captivated my attention and made me very happy! I can not promise I will not have doubts again, but in this case they were so very unfounded. I just could not stop smiling and laughing and blushing the entire book!!!

I will not give any spoilers away but this book is awesome!! If you are a fan of the series it is a must read! I am so very looking forward to Presley Ann's book! I know I was surprised about that myself. All I can say is she shows hidden depth and sweetness!

I think I need to give it a second read through tonight with a glass of wine and a bubble bath!!