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Rebecca - Celia Kyle Yeah, I am super excited to see more of this series!! This book picks up at the next gathering, where threads that were left loose from the beginning of the series are being picked up. Again we have delicious Alpha pairs finding their mate. There is a bit of intrigue, because she does not appear to have a mark. But really the super lusty thoughts never lie.

I really liked Rebecca, for the most part, she does have a couple self doubt moments. Mostly she is very confident and sassy. She is more than woman enough to handle tall dark and scared Aidan, and moody pretty boy Carson. They have a little drama to get over, but hey that is relationships.

Loads of hot and steamy action!! Cause it is a mating after all!! Oh lordy, better hold onto your panties, or leave them off all together! Definitely a smexy menage!

We get to catch up with the Wickham gals, all mated up and blissfully happy. Scarlet is beginning to act a bit like another Alpha female we know from Ms Kyle's writing. Not sure how I feel about that. While I enjoy the sarcasm, I would like her to have her own Alpha identity, perhaps not as flighty as Maya.

I can not wait to meet Rebecca's sisters and find out what fate has in store for them! And I am eager to hear more about this new threat!