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Mail Order Tiger Bride Wars

Mail Order Tiger Bride Wars - Dawn Steele The first half is rough.

This is a very intriguing concept, I wanted to love it, but there were some issues. The first half of the book is tough to get through. Her sister is a heinous, Cole is shallow and Ellen is rather mopey. She has moments where she stands up for herself, which are great. I enjoyed seeing her gain confidence and come into her own.

The romance is kind of iffy, mostly because the hero is a major work in progress. He often says and thinks douchy things. Fortunately he is rather self aware and trying to change, to a degree. The smexy scenes are kind of brief, but have steamy detail. I would have liked seeing more of the BDSM angle.

This is a mixed narrative where you get Ellen, Cole and Terry's POV. I could have done without the sister as she was never really anything but jealous and spiteful. Had she had some sort of growth or change, but no, she was pretty much one note.

I will warn my friends who have grammar and editing peeves, there are a lot of errors. Usually I take them in stride, but there were so many that it took me out of the reading at times. I suggest going through the book one time for cleanup. Most of the issues are omitted words or missing letters.

I am intrigued by this author and will check out future books. I just hope they have better editing.

On the upside, it is a Kindle Unlimited and I was able to read it as part of my subscription.