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Somebody's Wife

Somebody's Wife - Jasmine Haynes I really enjoyed this book, despite the married couple drama going on. It is easy to skim over that part and get right to the smexy!!

The mixed narrative is nice, it lets you in on both sides of the conflict. Some of the segments are short and can feel choppy when bouncing between Mitch and Connie. There is also added narrative from supporting characters. I did love that treat!

The book is mostly about a married couple rediscovering their groove!! Oh boy do they ever!! Sex toys and handcuffs can really bring the ole spark back!!! Better read this one in the cold shower or with the hubby near by! It is a scorcher!!!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by June Wayne, who was a delight! She has a great energy throughout the read and really steamed up the smexy parts. Steady pace that moves with the story. I enjoyed her smooth tone and the consistent voices. I would love to hear more of her work! She fit this book perfectly!

I like the way the three stories tied together and showed different elements of the brothers. Each member of the family had their own things to overcome after brother Lou's death. While it is a hot and steamy series, there is also a sweet story here about a family healing.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.