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Secrets and Lies

Secrets and Lies - Christine Amsden Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

This is book two in the Cassie Scott series and it picks up where the first left off. Cassie is still dealing with the disowning by her family and Evan's power over her.

There are many levels to this book, Cassie's need for independence, the relationship with Evan, a little side romance hint, two mysteries to solve and loads of backstories to reveal. The book really keeps ya hopping, in a good way. It is never really over whelming and the pace is very well done.

I really like the mysteries in these books, they are very involved and keep me on edge. This one is mostly about two missing teens who have connections to both Cassie and Evan's families. Again, a lot going on but not impossible to follow. I prefer the moments when Cassie is being a detective and not wallowing.

I do get a touch annoyed with Cassie and all her self pity and doubts. But I just have to remind myself she is 21, and that is typical of the age. She has to workout all that leftover teen angst. It really plays into her interactions with everybody around her. This isn't a major issue, and not really solvable because it is an age thing. She needs more years to really mature and gain wisdom. So, I will forgive her the growing pains.

I am also torn on the relationship with Evan, they really do love each other, but need to seriously work on communication!! This is another place where age and wisdom come into play. I just have to keep reminding myself they are only Twenty-one.

I am very intrigues by a potential romance between two supporting characters, I really hope we get more of that or a spinoff!! I love me a possessive Alpha wolf, especially when it comes to a mate thing!!

This is more of a clean read, some steamy kisses but not much more. Okay, some steamy groping too but no full on smexy action.

I love the opening and ending on Evan's POV, 90% of the book is Cassie's POV, the switch up really helps give insight into Evan. This is imperative as you might find him cold otherwise.

I listened to the audio book, the narrator Melissa Reizian Frank is terrific!!! She had great voices and characterization a that were easy to identify. She drew you more into the story and had you by the heart at emotional moments! I am definitely putting her on my listen list!!

Warning, this book is going to drop dome serious bombs on you in the end!! I am talking some serious WTF!!! My jaw hit the floor, even though I suspected something. I am on pins and needles waiting on the next book, it can not come fast enough!!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.