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Some like It Spicy

Some like It Spicy - Robbie Terman Confession time, I love Reality Cooking shows, especially the competitions!! I watch them all and salivate over things I could never cook, mostly because I do not cook at all. It never stops me from loving watching others cook and the challenges are always interesting!

This book is the perfect combination of my TV obsession and my love of romance. Really fun storytelling that brings you right into the competition. The pace was spot on and I suspect Mr Terman is also a big fan of the genre. She gave the perfect number of contestants, just enough to keep things from getting confusing. Terrific build up of all the supporting characters, I never had a moment where I thought "wait, who is that", really well done seeing as there are a lot of folks who com into play.

I was fine setting aside the moral dilemma of the plot cause I am a sucker for a love story! This was great because it is my favorite style, giving both the main character's POV.

Ashton was a riot, her sass combined with her temper made her really fun to read. She never stood a chance against all Ty's delicious charm. While they fell in love, I fell for them! I laughed a lot, I cried a little and I enjoyed every second of this story!

The steam factor is more mainstream hotness than full on erotic detail. Definitely gets a gals temperature rising!! They are quite prolific in their steamy encounters, loads of variety! Face fanningly sensual and deliciously naughty settings!

I am ready to jump into the next book, I am so hoping it is one of her two friends Chloe or Jenna!! Everybody need a HEA!!