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Christmas Past

Christmas Past - Susanna Fraser This is a really sweet quick read. I am not always into time travel romance, they get too science-y at times. But this was a really nice read. Sure, things take a turn into science-y at the very end, but the real meat of the story already happened so, it was easy to skim.

I really liked Sydney and Griffen getting together, although they seemed to be very naive and trusting folks. If somebody told me they were from the future with a time machine I would need serious proof. It would take a lot to convince me, even then I might still have doubts.

This is a sweet romance with a hint of steam, not one of my down and dirty reads, but a really lovely warm read!

This is a new author for me but I am definitely going to checkout her other books!

*Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*