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Wild Card

Wild Card - Jamie Wyman This was a very interesting book, it took a while for all the major pieces to come together. This is a new author, both to me and to the masses. I really enjoyed her story telling and she had a great concept. Loads of action and intrigue to go around.

She lost me a bit in the romance, cause there really wasn't much of anything there. Marius never gave me any love vibes, he was too concerned with his own well-being to ever really think of Cat. I did feel bad for his uh, situation, but not enough to think he made any sort of hero in the end.

I thought Flynn a much better love interest, even if it is only friendship at the moment. He definitely gave me warm fuzzy feelings!!

Cat is a real contradiction, she seems so strong and kick butt at times and others she is wallowing in self doubt/pity. I really thought there were many times when she should have gotten past her self esteem issues, cause she kicks serious mythological butts!

All in all this was a really intriguing read with a serious mix of mythologies. It was fun to see how they interacted and to think of a world where they all could co-exist. Very detailed information about each, I love it when I learn while enjoying my reading!!

No real steam factor here, things get lukewarm for a scene or two, but no real passion. That is one of the reasons I would not label it a romance.

Ms Wyman did a great job of crafting a story that held my interest from beginning to end. I have high hopes for future books, with such a strong first effort she can only get better. Kudos, I hope there is a sequel, with a Flynn/Cat love story perhaps! There is definitely more to tell in this story!

*Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*