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Honeymoon of the Dead

Honeymoon of the Dead - Tate Hallaway Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

I go back and forth with this series, there are things I love and things that really annoy. I feel like I was missing something in this book, I am sure there is a short story out there with a plot of a Frost Demon. That part of this plot has too much not said for it to be a first time addition. I feel like I need to track it down and fill in the wholes.

We get more of Garnet's backstory, and find exactly why it is she may have ended up with Lilith. Gotta say, if I had not spent the last four book getting to know her, I would probably not like who she was. Way more shallow and self involved than her current personality would imply.

Some naughty steamy action, and oh boy, the details are just this side of erotic!! So close, Ms Halloway stops just short of the dirty talk!! Way to get a gal all hot and bothered!!

I listened to the audiobooks, narrated by the fabulous Amanda Ronconi!! Terrific characterizations and such a way of keeping the story moving at a steady pace!! Big love on this narrator, she never disappoints!!

Another action packed story, a few threads left loose at the end, I hope there will be a next book!! I have really come to love these characters and I think they have more to tell!! I also hope this is the end of the angst about Lilith, please let it be peace on that front!