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Animal Attraction

Animal Attraction - Jill Shalvis Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

This is the second book in the Animal Magnetism series. Like the first book it is more of a light and carefree romance. Sure they each have past issues, that are kinda deep, but that is all they really have to overcome. This is what I like about the series. Sometimes you just want a happy go lucky love story.

Dell is a big goofball, who isn't tough to fall in love with. He is the perfect match for Jade, who makes lists of how to relax, the girl is strung tight! They are a great pair and I loved their whole dynamic. She gives him depth and he makes her loosen up.

There is plenty of naughty steam thrown into the mix. I love a couple who are playful in the bedroom! The bedroom door is wide open, but not quite as detailed as an erotic. Gotta say I do not hate the way Dell is all Alpha in the bedroom. Sigh, makes a girl dream!

it is a mixed narrative, switching between the two leads POV. This is great for really seeing what they think and feel. I love it when a player falls in love with a friend, sneaky Cupid! And it was great seeing Jade's struggle to maintain order in the relationship.

I listened to the audiobooks narrated by Karen White, who is always delightful. She does a wonderful job with all the voices, keeping them consistent throughout the read. I love her quick pace, I prefer a fast narration but you can slow things down if are not a fan of speed. I love the energy she instills into the read. So much emotion is conveyed in her sweet tone, and a touch of snark as well.

Overall I really like this series. Not too taxing but still delivering an engaging story. A sweet and funny romance that takes you away from the major woes of life. I definitely need to pick up the rest of the series!!