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Whiskey Rebellion

Whiskey Rebellion - Liliana Hart The book starts off right in the middle of things and then jumps back a bit to catch the reader up on events. It is definitely a great way to hook the audience from the get go.

Addison is a bit like Stephanie Plum, she falls into detective work and lucks into solving things. She is far more inept and scatterbrained to actually be a detective in my mind. She is not as bright as one would hope a history teacher would be, many clues get dropped but she misses them. Still she manages to be charismatic and engaging.

The mystery is all over the place, much like the heroine. There are many red herrings to take things off course. The mind spins at moments, maybe a few too many cases going on at one time. It tends to muddy things up for the main mystery. I had a bead on the culprit but the tricky twist through me off for a second. Definitely keeps you on your toes.

The romance is a nice diversion, Addison and Nick have a great chemistry. Things are more sexual tension than full on bedroom action. Things get into heavy petting and hot kisses but the bedroom stays empty. Sigh, such a tease, but I figure things will spice up in the next book.

This is first person, it is easier to handle in audio than straight reading. Addison has a very interesting POV, she really is flighty. Her quirkiness adds to the fun feel of the read, nothing too heavy. Her ice cream obsession is delightful!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Connie Ventress, she does a wonderful job. As the main character is Southern she has a think accent. The accent is great, reminds me of my youth in the south. It really enhances the story and makes it sing. She has a fantastic pace in the read, it moves along, flowing beautifully. I can not wait to hear more of her in this series and elsewhere.

Overall, this is a fun read that keeps you enthralled from beginning to the end. It isn't perfect but it is always entertaining. I am definitely intrigued by where this series is headed. I am ready to jump straight into the next book!