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Forgotten Sins

Forgotten Sins - Rebecca Zanetti Love, Love, Loved this book!!!!!! Holy hot and delicious! I wasn't sure what to expect when I started but I was hooked after the first chapter!!

This book is loaded with sexual tension and some serious chemistry for the leads! Incredibly steamy pretty much from the first meeting. I loved their whole dynamic! A girl can only resist such an intense Alpha guy for so long.

Josie is not shrinking violet, she knows how to defend herself and fights back. Her time in foster care has made her a tough cookie but it didn't harden her. You get to see her stay soft, which is much of the appeal for Shane. For the most part she avoids the major stupid girl moments. Love her sassy attitude.

Shane is deliciously Alpha and adorable in his memory loss. He knows one thing and that is his love for Josie is real. Sigh, yeah he is just the kind of hero most girls crave! He is super intense, something I also adore.

The mixed narrative helps give you insight for both characters, I prefer seeing things from each POV. I loved reading the struggle they both had and seeing them come together in the end. It was a really engaging romance.

The story is terrific and really flows. Many times with these books the story falls apart when they start having sex. Not the case with this great read. The action is just as dynamic as the romance. It is easy to follow and everything flows at a great pace.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Karen White, who knocks it out of the ballpark! I have listened to other books by this actress and enjoyed them but this one was above and beyond. She really added to the smexy scenes and made them come to life. I am talking a work of art with the tone, pace and emotion she adds to her voice. Seriously fantastic and I hope she does the rest of the series. It is rare that a woman can get me squirming from the read, but she sells it bigtime!

I am super excited to see what happens next in the series. With dishy brothers who have intense Alpha written all over them it is bound to be just as fabulous as this one! The ebooks are out for most of the series but I am holding out for the audiobook cause it gave me super happy ears!!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.