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Muffins & Murder (3)

Muffins & Murder (3) - Heather Justesen I am pretty sure Tess suffers from "Jessica Fletcher Syndrome", cause she can't go anywhere without finding a dead body. Seriously, every event she attends!

This is a very entertaining and engaging series, despite reality issues. If you can suspend disbelief you will really enjoy the whole thing! I love Tess and her quirky gang of curious troublemakers. The family feel of this whole series.

The love triangle is going to annoy me, I hate when they have to choose between two great guys!! I read too many naughty romances where they never have to choose, yeah for erotic romances!!

The mystery this time is another stretch but not totally unreal. I do wish the people would stop acting like the police are incompetent or not doing their job. The detective is totally on the ball, he just doesn't get the small talk/gossip like Tess. People always want murders solved in a matter of days, these things take time.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Pamela Almand, who is terrific. She has a great pace that really helps the story move along. I love Lenny's tough guy accent, it really sells him. The women's voices are very similar but have enough of a change that you can tell who is speaking when the dialogue ping pongs back and forth. I really hope the series stays with Ms Almand, as she has a great feel for the characters and story movement!

This series is a not so guilty pleasure, I love the atmosphere of the mall town full of busybodies! I don't mind the recipes throughout but thought they would better serve folks if they were put at the end of the book. This way if a reader wanted to try one they did not have to go through the entire audio to locate the one they wanted. Not everybody is hip to the bookmark button on Audible.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.