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Ink Inspired

Ink Inspired - Carrie Ann Ryan Oh yeah!!! Give me a big burly tattoo artist any day of the week!!! Yummy!!! Sigh! I am all about this smexy book!

Really quick read with a great couple. Shea is more reserved on the outside but ready to break free, she needs delicious bad boy Shep to help her out!! They have a great dynamic and is is a really fun read.

The time jumps are a bit abrupt, I know it was a novella gotta keep it short. Still I would have loved spending more time with them.

This book certainly delivers on the smexy!!! Oh Hells yeah!! For a short read it packs one heck of a steamy whallop!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by the always yummy Gregory Salinas. He has a smexy voice that infuses the hawt scenes with even more heat! Great tone and pace throughout the read. I was not sold on the mom's voice, kind of grating, but then so was she.

Give me more!!! This is such a hot series, I need to read the rest of teh box set to get the scoop!!