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One Night in the Outlaw's Bed (The Grizzly MC, #3)

One Night in the Outlaw's Bed (The Grizzly MC, #3) - Jenika Snow This book takes a really nice chunk of time establishing the characters and how they related to each other. There is plenty of build in the story leading up to that one-night stand. This is why you really believe the feelings in the end.

Maggie is awesome, not nearly as wounded as the other ladies in the series. She has things to overcome and you can see it all working out down the road. I loved her sassy attitude.

Diesel is really fighting his bear. There were times you could see him wanting his mate but wanting to stay free. To his credit he really does step up.The mixed narrative helps you understand where they are both coming from throughout the story.

The side story with the other bikers wasn't as active as the blurb would have you believe. I could have skipped that part altogether. Although, I hear they pop up later in the series.

Loads of yumminess in the steam!! Hello smexy. These biker really do know how to deliver in the bedroom when it comes to dirty talk. Good lord, I girl needs a few cold showers after reading those scenes!! Heck yes, I will take more!!