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Perfect Summer

Perfect Summer - Katie Graykowski I am going to start this review by clarifying a point in the book blurb. The hero did not beat his ex-girlfriend. Yes he is at the school to clean up his image, but he is not a batterer. This is a key thing that should have been noted in the blurb. I almost did not read it because of the way it made him seem like a domestic abuser.

I love the book!! Summer is hysterical, I was laughing out loud all the time. You would not believe all the great lines I bookmarked!! She is spunky and self deprecating in all the best ways. The banter between her and Clint is awesome!! It was a delight watching them fall in love.

There is a bonus romance her too, I love that this author gives twofers!! The supporting romance has just as much growth and depth as the main romance. I loved seeing everything come together and relationships healed.

This is a mixed narrative, which means we get several POV throughout the read. Mostly it is Summer and Clint, but we get Lily and Davis as well. This helps give insight into the intricate dynamics at play. You were also able to see both sides of the relationship with mother and daughter. You might want to hate Lily at first, but it is difficult when you get to know her.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Pam Dougherty, who is delightful. Her Southern accent is spot on and a soothing melody throughout the read. I enjoyed the tone and texture of her voices, both male and female. She has a great pace in the read and delivers plenty of energy. She is definitely going on my list of narrators to watch for!! She was perfectly suited to this book and its sweet and sassy comedy.

While I was loving this book for the most part, I wasn't keen on how much Summer put herself down. She was mostly not caring about her wight, until it came to this guy. But that is the plight of curvy girls in comtempo romances.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.