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Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner

Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner - T.J. Mitchell, Judy Melinek I don't do a lot of non-fiction books, but I might do more if they were like this book. This is a biography of a Forensic Pathologist going through her work and home life. I love shows like CSI and Bones, so I figured this would be a delight. It has more grit on it than most of those shows, definitely not for the feint of heart.

I really enjoyed the interactions with her husband. He is a great sounding board for her throughout her career. I loved the foil he played to her macabre life. They have a great dynamic and it lightens the feel of the book.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Tanya Eby, who is fantastic. I love her energy throughout the read, she adds just the right touch to something that could have been a dry read. She did a great job with the voices and kept them consistent. Generally non-fiction can be daunting, but her read feels more like a fiction tale. It was engaging and entertaining the whole way through. I will definitely be looking for more of her reads!

This book would be perfect for anybody who is into the police procedural and fascinated by the coroners. There is so much here and the number one take away is death isn't pretty. Another thought is there are so many ways to die and many catch you off guard.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.