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A Mommy for Christmas

A Mommy for Christmas - Danielle Lee Zwissler This is a twofer, you get A Mommy For Christmas and a short bonus read of Meant To Be Always. They are both fairly wholesome romances. That means closed bedroom door, although there isn't really and bedroom action. It is a few sedate kisses at best.

The first book has Melanie and Jackson, who are both healing from life. Jackson from his wife's passing and caring for his young daughter. Melanie from a broken engagement and a want for motherhood.

The story alternates between bother of their POV, I prefer this sort of mixed narrative. It really makes for a fuller story.

This story is super short, it really could be lengthened and have the romance play out over a longer period of time. While it was a sweet read, it did leave me wanting more story.

The second story is even shorter and less believable. Maddie and Brice, have great chemistry but one night does not forever make. This is another story that would benefit from more length to truly develop the romance.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Tiffany Williams, who does a lovely job. Her voice and energy are perfectly suited to this sweet romance. I enjoyed her character's voices and the distinctions she gave them. It was always clear who was speaking. Her tone has a soft and feminine quality that is great for a sappy love story. I would love to hear more of her reads in this genre.

These are two quick Holiday reads that have a lovely premise. I would enjoy reading more of this author and seeing her expand her romances into longer novels. I think she has so much to offer and length would enhance the relationships she creates.

Disclosure- I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.