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Pack Rogue

Pack Rogue - Crissy Smith I really like this series, it has a great feel. The only thing is that I always wish for more. That is the way when you are enjoying a story.

Kiley is a great character, I really liked her strength and attitude. I did think her back-story was skimmed over and that was disappointing. I loved that even though she was scared from her past she did not back away from Austin. She might have wanted to but she found a way to step up and express her fears along the way.

Austin is a delicious Alpha male, who happens to be smart enough to know hen to push his mate. He had the whole struggle to claim his mate but be patient with her at the same time. Sigh, I love a guy like that!

The steam was yummy but there could have been more. Their first smexy scene was all sorts of hot and heavy!! Fan Face!!

The story is really interesting, the on going arc is getting more involved and I am wager to see what comes next. I love the writing style and mix narrative. You always get a fuller story when you have both main characters POV.

I am definitely a fan of this author, she has great concepts and the stories get better with each new book.