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Sleeping With the Wolf: After the Crash, Book One

Sleeping With the Wolf: After the Crash, Book One - Maddy Barone Great start to a fascinating new series. A fresh new spin on modern times meets post apocalypse. I am very intrigued in seeing where this series is headed.

Carla is a really interesting character, she struggles with coming to terms with her new circumstances. The attraction with Taye is immediate, and she does put up a good fight. How can she resist a smexy Alpha wolf who is set to love and seduce his mate! They have a great dynamic, even though things happen quickly the feeling seem real.

The narrative is mostly from the two leads POV and alternates between them. Really great for understanding both sides of the story! Really seamless changes were easy to follow.

There are many supporting characters introduced and I am very interested in hearing all their stories. Imagine being thrown fifty years into the future! Whoa what a big thing to have to adapt to and then find out there was an Apocalypse when you vanished from your time! Loads of meat on this story.

The smexy stuff is uber delicious!! I could really go for an Alpha guy who has learned how to please his woman from all the best erotic novels! Okay, the terms he learns for the fun parts are a touch off, but the idea is there!! Oh la, I definitely sign up for that seduction!! Plenty of yummy details will get ya hot and bothered!!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Clementine Cage, she rocks!! Great voices and a real feel for the movement of the story. She reads at a nice quick pace, love that, but if you like it slower you can slow it down on Audible. Really enjoyed the pairing of this narrator with this intriguing series! I am excited to hear more of her of the rest of the books.

Overall, I am really intrigued by this new series. Yummy Alpha men who are also wolves, I am a sucker for shifters! This is a new concept for me and I am definitely hooked!