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Once Burned

Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

I was a bit apprehensive coming into this book, the other spinoff books were not favorites of mine. They never had the magic of Bones and Cat, okay reads but not big love. This book is right up there with the originals!! Woohoo, I was so relieved to find myself loving every minute of the book!!

Vlad is deliciously wicked! Yeah, I admit it, I have a thing for bad boys in books. They are just so yummy! Vlad is vicious but not evil, he also has a soft spot for a certain lady! Sigh, yup, he is my new book boyfriend!!

Leila is a fantastic character! I loved her spunk and sass, she was also very resourceful in helping to save her self from dangerous situations. She really is a lady worthy of the worlds most famous vampire.

The build of the relationship is really well done, instant attraction but plenty of talking to make the feeling more real. The psychic connection goes a long way to making things progress at a quick pace. I loved their whole dynamic, it is a delight to read. They both had well developed back stories that were given throughout the book. It was interesting to see how they developed and grew into the people they are at this point.

This is all from Leila's POV, which makes what Vlad thinks and feels an unknown factor. I loved her narrative, it was engaging and enigmatic from the start. She is right up there with Cat on the awesome scale!! She might not be a bad@$$ vamp hunter but she has some tricks up her sleeve!

The steam is smexy as all get out!! Oh yeah, it is right on the verge of erotic romance, a few more pages of detail and it would be!

I listened to the audiobooks read by Tavia Gilbert, who gives another stellar performance. She has a way of making the action feel more energetic and the steamy scenes hotter!! Terrific voices that are distinct and consistent. Her tone is very well suited to the series. The pace of the read is quick, but that is something I prefer, you could always play it at half-speed if you like slower. This series is my first experience with her narration, but you can bet your sweet bippy I will be looking for more of her reads! She gives good ears!

I am eager to see what happens in the next book. There are several things left unresolved in this book. Most importantly a certain famous vamp declaring his feelings!!! I am definitely hooked on the whole world!