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Motor City Wolf

Motor City Wolf - Cindy Spencer Pape Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

I have been eagerly awaiting this story!!! I just knew Fi and Greg would be a smexy pair!! This series really is very entertaining, and the intrigue gets deeper with each new book.

I was so happy to see Fianna grow since the first book. You really get more of her back story here and understand a bit more why she helped her family. She had a major turn in the last book and this takes her even further. She has really developed into a character who is easy to love.

Greg is a yummy growly Alpha wolf!! He is seriously delicious! When he decides to make his move with Fi, he is sure and swift. I love the way he stands by his woman.

The steam is wickedly delicious as always! Plenty of variety, loads of foreplay and hot as Hades!! This series really knows how to get a gal's engine revved!

The story this time was a touch predictable, but no less enjoyable. The pace was terrific, steady action throughout. It was a quick read that I did not want to end. Great mixed narrative, you get both leads character's POV and that makes a world of difference. This style is a favorite of mine, it makes the story so much more fulfilling.

The narrator, Julie Francis, dos a fantastic job with all the voices. She has a real flare for subtle changes in tone that make all her characterizations distinct. Her sensual tone really helps build the steamy scenes.

Can't wait for the next book! I am sure Lana and Des are going to get it on!!