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Turn to Me - Tiffany A. Snow Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

The second book in the series started out really strong. The story goes a touch non-linear, having a scene with Kade start things off and then backtracking in the story to days prior to the call. It was nice getting his POV, you now have more of an understanding of his feelings for Kathleen and his brother Blane. The other ninety percent of the book comes from Kathleen's POV, which is rather limited at times. The whole thing finishes up with a scene from Blane's POV, here is where you see just how closely he holds his cards to his heart. It was really enlightening to get insights into the men this go around.

The story this time had loads going on, every chapter seemed to have something new pop up. Really detailed plot was enjoyable but at times felt long. It wasn't enough to make me stop reading but it was a noticeable drag in the storytelling. Kathleen once again makes a few really dumb moves, I mean come on girl, have you never heard there are no such things as coincidences? She is annoyingly naive in hat respect. Other than that I really love her spunk and sass, she is fun to read. One can hope that she grows more in her role of investigator, she really is kind of good at the job when she isn't being obtuse.

There is a lot more smexxy steamy action in this book, since Blane and Kathleen are dating they have more sheet time. Or desk time. Still keeping the details more mainstream but definitely on the edge of erotic. Plenty of times a gal will need to fan her face and check her temperature!

I am still torn on the choice between the two brothers, please can't she have both, make the jump to menage! Blane is really protective and all Alpha but he really misses this as well, things that dark and brooding Kade easily picks up. Together they make the perfect match for spunky Kathleen.

I listened to the audiobook read by the fabulous Angela Dawe. She has a real way of making Kathleen come to life, not to whiny but instilled with a sense of youth. Her males voices have just the right deep timber. Oh la, Kane sounds delicious! She does a wonderful job of keeping each voice distinct and consistent. She has a terrific pace that makes the story move along quickly. She has a gift for adding energy into the narration.

I am really enjoying things so far and can see real potential in the series. I can only hope with a little time the heroine will mature and stop doing bonehead things. I am excited to see what is next for Ms Turner!