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Deadly Sting

Deadly Sting - Jennifer Estep Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

Yes!! The series is finally headed back to the one I fell in love with!!! All the wonderful adventure and snarky humor and no more mopey angst. Ok there might still be a little angst but it is nothing like the last book!! We are back on track and I can't wait to jump into the next book!!

So, we are headed to a gala gotta go dress shopping right? That is the best way to start off the book cause Finn is hilarious!! And Gin is well, Gin!

The events of the book move at a pretty swift pace and once the main action goes down you will be on the edge of your seat!! Really clever story telling and great plot twists! I will say there are many times when Gin is not as quick on the uptake as her readers. Or maybe it is Ms Estep has a heavy hand with the foreshadowing. It doesn't really take away from the story just makes you want to shake Gin and say "Put the pieces together already!"

This book answers many questions and clears up several situations while at the same time creating more for the future! I have loads of questions for the next book and hope they get cleared up. I am especially thrown by the dress incident, you will see when you read, there has to be more to that. Gin always says she does not believe in coincidence.

I adore the dynamic between all the characters. They are all so well formed, they should be after seven other books! But they never cease to draw me into the story! Ms Estep has created a truly rich and endearing world. I am always eager to go back and visit!

I listen to the audiobooks and I adore Lauren Fortgang! She has such a way with the accents and bringing the characters to life. She is always a delight to my ears!