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Into the Mist

Into the Mist - Maya Banks This was a really interesting read. I generally liked the characters, things move along pretty quickly. I am talking smexy scenes right away. Oh yeah, bring it on!

Eli is a very Alpha kind of guy very strong silent type! I, of course, loved him from the start! He is the perfect match for Tyana. She is sassy and a really bad@$$ chick! She can take care of herself but knows when to lean on her man. They have a terrific dynamic most of the time, I loved their banter in the beginning.

The book is a mixed narrative, mostly from the leads POV, but there are a few supporting characters in the mix. It definitely gives a full picture of the world and situation. I can only hope we get HEA for all the guys in the team!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Nia Partington, who does a very nice job. She has a very quick pace, that works in action scenes and smexy moments. She puts a lot of energy into the read. The only problem I had is the sketchy accents. Several characters had a weird accent, it was light and not always consistent. While I became used to it, it was annoying in the beginning.

Overall I enjoyed the book, plenty of story and smexy. The feelings come quickly but I can chalk that up to instant attraction. Another flaw is a lack of explanation about the shifter abilities. I just needed more detail in that whole arena.