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Eternal Kiss of Darkness

Eternal Kiss of Darkness - Jeaniene Frost Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

This is the second spin-off book for the Night Huntress series. This time we get Grand-Sire Mencheres love story with sassy gal Kira Graceling. While I really like both characters, I was not totally in love with this book. There was just something missing, perhaps it needed the levity Ian brings to the stories. I missed him, trouble making sod that he is!

Mencheres is kind of angsty throughout most of the book, I suppose that happens after living so long, killing your heinous wife and losing some of your powers. That is enough to make anybody a touch maudlin. I just wanted somebody to shake him to bring back his senses.

Kira is a total kick butt gal, right up there with Cat!! She is deserving of a smexy hero, and she gets one after a lot of moping on his part. I loved that she had unwavering faith in him and her love. Such an awesome gal!!!!

The story here could have been better, I would have loved more of the backstory with Mencheries and Raj. We get a hint that there were issues when he was still alive and that the villain had been unsuccessful many times in bringing him to an end. I really would have liked hearing more of that. There were a few times the story lagged, it wasn't a total drag but not as dynamic as other books in the series.

Yummy steamy scenes, holy hotness!! I am ok with insta-love, it is pretty common in romances. There are some very smexy times, one notably in a very family friendly non-sexy location!! While it is not a full on sex romp, things get pretty naughty in the details. Quite delicious.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Tavia Gilbert, she is fabulous!! Really great distinct voices, great accents and yummy male tones. She does an fantastic job of keeping the voices consistent throughout the series. With just one line I can recognize Bones or Vlad, both make an appearance in this book. Really well paced read, she inflicts just the right amount of energy to convey the excitement in the action and steamy parts.

Can not wait to get back into the preliminary series, Cat and Bones have a few more adventures left in them. I am seriously addicted!! Could not be happier that the library had all the books to borrow online!! Gimme, Gimme!!