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And One Last Thing ...

And One Last Thing ... - Molly Harper Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

As always the combination of Author Molly Harper and narrator Amanda Ronconi is delightful!!

I loved this book from beginning to end! Lacey has such a snarky wit that is is easy to adore her! She really has some growth through the book and I was more than happy with the end result!!

To me the newsletter was a real "you go girl" moment. I probably would have done the same thing!

There are many fabulous supporting characters here and in typical Harper fashion a quirky but relateable vibe prevails.

I would love to see more for this, perhaps stories for her friends Sam and Maya. I would definitely be interested in those!

Fans of Ms Harper's Paranormal series may be slightly jarred by this book. No Vamps, Weres or supernatural of any sort, however it stays true to her delightfully snarky voice!! I really enjoyed it and found the story extremely entertaining. Sure the romance takes a back burner from most of the book, but I really felt it was Lacey's story on the Lacey and Monroe romance. It was about her finding herself again and discovering that she could in fact find a way to love and forgive.

Really great storytelling and wonderful reading!