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Ball Of Furry

Ball Of Furry - Celia Kyle Totally love this smexy little shifter series!!! The books are HAWT and funny! If you like sassy gals who make their uber possessive Alpha men work for their love, then this us for you!!!

Carly was great in the first books and I loved seeing her with Neal. He is such a yummy cowboy. They have great banter and it is good to see the playboy grovel.

The steam is awesome and very detailed. Ya might want to have a cold shower handy. Plenty of variety and some dirty talk that is sure to make your naughty buts tingle! Yummilicious

I really enjoyed the story this time and hope we get more of the shifter council and the conflict with Freedom. It adds more depth to the series. While I love a smexy read, I am over the moon for a steamy book with great story. This series shows serious potential to be a favorite.