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Wolf's Glory

Wolf's Glory - Maddy Barone This is the second book in the series and really expands on the survivors tales. Mostly we focus on Glory and Shadow, but there is a lot to tell on the other women as well. We also meet many supporting men, definitely see some future plot lines.

I really liked Glory and all her spunky goth attitude. She is just the sort of spicy gal I love reading. She is mostly okay with her curves, the low self esteem moments were sparse. She is a perfect match for big bold domineering Alpha Shadow! Oh boy, do they have some passionate chemistry!

The story here is narrated by the two leads switching smoothly between the two points of view. The transitions are great and seamless. I love this style because you get a more well rounded story in the end.

The steamy is chart toppingly hot!! OMG, I will forever associate NIN song Closer with this book! The details are delicious and just hit the spot erotically.

I listened to the audiobooks narrated by Clementine Cage, who is once again awesome. She has such a great tone to her voice that adds to Glory's snark. She is wonderful at adding energy to the read in all the right places. Definitely could leave you panting on the steamy parts! So many voices to keep track of, she does a great job of making them each different but they could be a touch more distinct.

The story this time is very involved, it gets more into the other survivors and surrounding areas. It is a great setup for the rest of the series but tend to make the main story feel dragged out. I understand why it had to be this way but it did slow down the pace of the story with all the exposition. The big plus is that it makes you hungry to know the other couples stories!