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Klutzy Love

Klutzy Love - Sharon Kleve I loved the concept of this book and there were some parts that really tickled me. Unfortunately there is a lot that needs to be improved. I really wanted to love this series but the flaws outweighed the delight.

Most of the time Corny is a fun quirky character who is a walking calamity. I liked her and loved her sassy remarks. The problem was the dialogue did not quite reach the maturity level her age warranted. She often spouts dialogue more appropriate to a Disney Channel show.

Steve is a yummy cop and I mostly loved him. He is a bit overbearing at times and ridiculous in his reasons for not wanting her to be a pet detective. Not really a job that makes me think there will be loads of danger.

This has a mixed narrative, you get both Corny and Steve in the POV. Again, not really living up to their age in thought or word. It feels more YA or New Adult, with bedroom scenes included.

I did not like the work stuff. Everything with the bosses son was a bit convoluted. It really wasn't needed for the overall plot and distracted from the romance and mystery. The possibility of a murder plot on her old boss is completely waved over.

Here are the things I loved an wish had been more a part of the plotline:
1. The whole pet psychic angle, that was super interesting and held huge potential.
2. Naughty ferret Pete, he was a riot!!
3. Corny's quirky klutzy moments. The speed dating was hilarious.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Christy Williamson, who is not the right fit for this book. She has a very youthful voice that would be better suited for YA reads. While she has great energy, it only adds to the overall feel of immaturity in the story. This just wasn't the right pairing, it only served to highlight flaws. I would love to hear her on a younger read where her voice would be a real credit to the material.

The series is a very short read, so I will finish it. I hope it gets better because the concept has potential.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.