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Fierce in Fur

Fierce in Fur - Celia Kyle Great story. I loved seeing the growth and change for Elise. This book took things slower for the two shifters. Considering all Elise had been through, it was great seeing her get stronger and go after what she wants. Brute is the perfect gentle giant for her.

The story this time is sweet and delightful. I could not resist loving them together. I was enthralled from beginning to end!

When things turn steamy the smexy stuff is hawt!! They take their time getting to the mating but when it happens, gurrl, hold on to your panties!!

One of my favorite things is the way Ms Kyle creates such engaging and dynamic. The characters have flaws and most are a little broken, but the way she crafts them makes you want to snuggle them all close! This is why I will bug her until snarky little sister Emma has a HEA just like the rest of the gals in Ridgeville!