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Their Virgin Concubine

Their Virgin Concubine - Shayla Black, Lexi Blake Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

This series gets deeper with each book!! The series is kicking up the energy and the emotions! I am definitely hooked!

The story this time was a new turn, we get a touch of the Middle East in our heroes and setting. It reminded me of a much naughtier version of the Harlequin Presents books with the Sheik who whisks his bride away. Definitely took me back to my youthful reading, at the same time the story is so much better than those little books ever were!

Piper is a spunky gal and for the most part I really liked her. She was more than a touch naive in the beginning of the book and pinged my annoyance button. Fortunately, she appeared to grow up over night and turn on her brain, in addition to her sassy attitude. In the end I really liked her and I loved when she refused to be cowed.

The guys Tal, Rafe and Kade were yummy!! As I mentioned being whisked away by Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome is a fantasy for most girls. The mixed narrative helps the reader not hate Tal, especially when he makes some serious jerk moves. Seeing things from his POV allows you to see his inner struggle.

There is a bit of intrigue going on and the pace is wonderful. No boring bits here! I am also a sucker for the love stories with the guy pushing the girl away for her own good. Sigh, things always get emotional!! I had to get out the box of tissues in the end!

The steam factor was off the hook!! Oh my yummy menages, delicious foreplay and a wickedly hot dungeon scene!! Basically all ya gotta do is spank and talk dirty to make me happy, but this book even kicks that up!!

I listened to the audio-book and loved the narrator, Serena Daniels. She does a terrific job with the voices and when she reads the smexy Dom stuff, oh boy! Surprisingly, when she was doing the inner voice for Tal it was still distinct from his voice and the narrative. Kudos there!

I am excited for the next book! I am seeing a few sexy soldier/bodyguards taking on a brat princess!!