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Cress - Marissa Meyer Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

Wow, wow, wow!!! This series just gets better with every book! I was on edge for most of the book and did not want to put it down! Had I started reading at night it would have been an all-nighter!! No sleep for the wicked!

This book extends the journey and to include Rapunzel, or as we know her Cress. She is easily my favorite of all the girls, her nervous chatter and exuberance for life are endearing. She is a really fun character and the way she looks for good in others is sweet. She does go a bit fan-girl on Thorne, thankfully she works through it in order to not seem like a crazed stalker chick. She may not be as touch as the other leading ladies but she has an inner strength you can't help but appreciate.

The narrative is mostly between Cress, Cinder and Scarlet, each taking on the POV for chunks of time. There are a few spots from the guys throughout, but as always the ladies are the main emphasis of this series. They are both the driving force of their own fairy-tales and the big mixing pot that the stories become. Each girl has her own way of looking at the world but they are also so very similar.

There are three mini romances happening but they are not the biggest factor in the stories. They are fairy-tales, so you expect the romance, but they are so much more than love stories. I love that each one is unique, every pair has their own challenges to overcome. Each set of characters have such interesting interactions.

The story is dynamic and keeps you engaged from beginning to end. I was on the edge of my seat a few times. None of the twists are particularly shocking, but they are very well crafted. Ms Meyer stays true to the essence of the original fairy-tales while spinning a completely new and fresh yarn. I am not always in love with Sci-Fi books but this series is simply captivating.

I listened to the audiobooks narrated by Rebecca Soler, who is perfectly matched with the series. She has kept the voices distinct and consistent from the first book to this one. She adds such energy and emotion into the reads, it is easy to get swept away in the story with her narration. She has a nice swift pace in her read, I am a fan of quicker reads, so this pleases me. If you prefer a more leisurely read you might want to slow it down a touch. I love her overall energy and the sass she adds to the read. I also love that Scarlet has more of an accent in this book. And I adore Cress with her rapid fire dialogue.

Overall, this series is a great read. I can see it appealing to guys and girls. It is not overly girly or angst ridden. I love the way the fairy-tales are interconnected, they flow together seamlessly. The last line of the book pretty much speaks volumes, and makes me wish the fourth and final book were already here!! I expect it will be epic!

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own. Personally, I am very happy it was offered as it prompted me to buy the first two books and start the series.