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Nearly Departed in Deadwood

Nearly Departed in Deadwood - Ann Charles, C.S. Kunkle Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

This is a really interesting book that caught my attention in the beginning and held me until the very end. It wasn't perfect but the flaws were not enough to make me stop reading. I will say upfront this is a touch racier than your typical cozy mystery, more on that later.

I generally liked Violet, she had a snarky wit and can do attitude. She was a bit over run by her kids, they totally ran her life. Her job struggles were relateable and you really felt her frustration. She seemed to be doused in some kind of love potion, for real how many fellas does a gal need? At one point she had no less than 4 men wanting to get with her. I know that was meant to be funny but in my opinion it missed the mark.

There were some really funny moments in the story. Her kids are a hoot, even if you want to shake them at times! Her slightly slutty best friend adds a touch of drama. I would have loved to see more of her hippy Aunt Zoey. Her first client Harvey is a laugh riot!! I hope we see much more of him in future books!

This is a single POV, only getting Violet's side of things. She is very helpful in sharing her insights as they happen. It might be nice to get some of the other character's thoughts. But then some off the twists wold have been revealed too early.

There are a couple romantic prospects and things eventually get steamy. Kind of a surprise for the type of book. While not as detailed as an erotic read, the bedroom door is wide open and things get hot! I am still deciding how I feel about that story wise. It was very abrupt and while the characters were lusting after each other, it felt off.

The mystery is detailed and well developed. I would have liked more of the ghost angle throughout. That seemed like a missed opportunity. While I quickly caught on to the bad guy, I did not see that motive. Almost made me feel bad for the guy, until you recall he was killing little girls.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Caroline Shaffer. She does an excellent job. She had a real feel for the characters and helped the story flow. She has a brisk read, which I enjoy. She had great voices, distinct and consistent. Great comedic timing, especially with old man Harvey. She could have used a touch more energy during the action and smexy scenes. I never felt urgency in her voice. I will definitely boo looking to check out more of her reads.

Ended on a cliffhanger, more like a teaser for the next book. Most of the major plot points of this mystery were wrapped up. But you can see some loose ends, I think I may already know what is going to happen in the next book, but I am still curious.

Overall it is a good read that lacked a wow factor. It was pleasant and entertaining. I would recommend it but I am not screaming it to the rooftops. Grab it on Amazon when it is a freebie, cause then you can get the Audible for 2.99!