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Bad Spirits

Bad Spirits - D.V. Berkom I do not know how these books went as a serial, they are very quick snippets of the story. IT would have driven me crazy getting them piece mail. Thank goodness they are together here, a much better option.

I like spunky Kate. She has an attitude that keeps her dynamic, even when she can be a very naive character. She is on the run from her drug dealer boyfriend, well ex. She comes into a lot of trouble along the way in Mexico. Seems the girl just can't catch a break, but then she follows her instincts and survives.

There are some great moments in the story, but it feels rushed. I would love to see this expanded. The story could use more detail and would be great if it were longer. We end at a kind of non-ending. Things are left unresolved and you need to wait for the next book in the series to see what happens.