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Animal Magnetism

Animal Magnetism - Jill Shalvis Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

Sometimes you want a dramatic romance that puts you through the wringer emotionally, and sometimes you want a sweet story about two people meeting and falling in love. This is one of those sweet stories where the only real conflict they face is Brady's fear of commitment to anything.

I love Lilah, she is quirky with a real zest for life. She is definitely a leap before you look kind of gal. Enter Brady, military man who is all about looking before leaping, until he is pulled into her vortex. The chemistry between them is instant, and things move along quickly in the lust department. But when it is right, it is right! I was more than okay with the jump from meeting to kissing.

The steam factor is delicious!! I do love my smexy action and these two deliver some yummy steam! There is plenty of detail even if it is more mainstream. I do love a couple who are playful in the bedroom!

This is a mixed narrative switching between the leads character's POVs. I love this because it really helps the reader get into what they are thinking. It also helps to fully understand their choices.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Karen White, who is always a delight. She has a wonderful way of injecting just the right amount of fun into her voice to match the playful qualities of the characters. She has a great pace that adds to the energy of the book. Her women's voices are all great and consistent. The men's voices are iffy, there are times when the brothers are talking and I am unsure who it is until the narration indicates who spoke.

Overall, this is a fun romance that will not tax you emotionally. It is entertaining and fun, engaging from beginning to end. I am definitely interested in the other brother's stories, you get hints about their matches throughout this story. If you are looking for a warm and fuzzy romance with an Alpha male and a feisty gal, this is definitely the book to grab!