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Gabriel's Mate

Gabriel's Mate - Tina Folsom Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

I am not happy with the turn of events in this book!! I am going to need to take a break before I continue the series, I really did not appreciate who the Rogue turned out to be, he was my book crush!

The story is really well do, exactly what I have come to expect in this series. Really full and rich stories. I was kind of annoyed about the whole deformity situation, really took forever for us to find out the details. The whole Rogue story was a bit more interesting than the whole drama of his issues.

The steam factor was quite delicious. Way more foreplay and oral action, to be expected with the uh, problem. Once they hit the sheets, or the living room wall, it was hot and heavy!! Yummy steam that in the end almost made me wish my fella had the same problem!!

This book is narrated by Kevin Foley, who does a great job. He has distinct and consistent voices for all the characters. His tone is very soothing and comfortable to listen to throughout the book. Terrific job with both the men's and women's voices. He gives happy ears.

There are several threads left open at the end of the book that I am sure will lead into the next couple books in the series. While I am quite sure they will be wonderful, I do need time to get over my disappointment of losing a book crush.