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Falke's Peak

Falke's Peak - Madison Layle, Anna Leigh Keaton Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

I listened to the audio book on this one and found the narrator, Gina Cedarwood, really gets into the reading!! She does a great job with the characters but where she really excels in building the energy in the smexy scenes! I am not into girls but she had me panting at one point!! And she reads them with such fervor you almost feel like you are there!

The story was a touch on the simple side, it was enjoyable but not overly taxing. The whole brothers competition/angst was annoying. If you always knew you were meant to share a girl there should not be an issue now. There is also a bit of deception that happens that I was not feeling either.

The story is told in a mixed narrative which allows you all the leads character's POV. This makes for a well rounded and fully formed story. You really get into what everyone is feeling and understand their decisions. Each transition from narrator to narrator is very well done and easy to follow.

Overall really interesting characters who were engaging and dynamic. I loved Dakota and her sassy attitude. She is one of those awesome chicks you wish were a friend! And not only so she can introduce you to the remaining brothers!!

I am very eager to see what happens next. This series shows serious potential.