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The Governess and the Beast

The Governess and the Beast - Karyn Gerrard Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

What a yummy little quickie!!!! I love a smexy read and this one really delivers!!

The book starts off with a Jane Eyre reference, yeah, one of my fav classics!! It swiftly jumps into the steam. Things get sexy really fast, more of a lusty feeling than love. Most of the book is steam, but it has variety and depth to the bedroom scenes. I love a man who is a giver, if you know what I mean!! And one does not generally encounter an naughty mouth in a historical, but be prepared, this gent is a dirty talker. Oh la, this is a hot ticket.

The characters are surprisingly engaging and dynamic. They are each damaged in their own way, a perfect match for healing. Things start off rocky and there is a slight misunderstanding. They get past that quickly. Simon is really gruff but when her opens up he steals your heart!! And how could the sweet governess resist him. Even though it is a short period of time I am willing to believe the feelings are real. They share so much in their time together, it creates a true bond for their connection.

The book is a mixed narrative, swapping between the two leads POVs. This makes them more real and gives insight into their motivations. This goes a long way in making Simon less beastly. Sigh, and you get to understand poor Lila as well.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Audrey Lusk. She does a great job with the character's voices, keeping them distinct and consistent. She has a wonderful pace that is brisk and helps the story flow. Oh boy, she adds serious vocal energy to the smexy scenes!! Definitely looking for more of her reads!!

I really liked this smexy historical. I hope Ms Gerrard plans to add more of her delightfully naughty reads in audiobooks!! I am definitely a fan! Sexy steam with a great story hidden in it's folds.