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The Legend of the Blue Eyes

The Legend of the Blue Eyes - B. Kristin McMichael This is a really interesting series. I liked the main character Ari straight off. She is not an overly angsty teen, yeah! Although, she takes things much calmer than I might in the same situation!

She is thrown into a strange new world pretty quickly. One of the things that annoys me in this book is that she gets to learn about what she is but the reader does not. You hear about her studies but there is very little detail given back about what she learned. It is something that really bothered me, I wanted to understand all the nuances of her new world and felt cheated when I was left out of the details.

The narrative is mostly from Ari's POV, but there are a few times when others chine in. Those moments were a bit confusing because they were only a sentence here and there in the middle of the existing narration. I would say either stick top one POV or make it mixed with whole sections of the other character's thoughts. Otherwise it is jarring and too jumpy.

The world is really rich and interesting. A lot comes at you in a short time and there are many supporting characters to keep track of. I love her friends and her keepers. It will be interesting to see the whole story evolve. I am still eager to hear what the entire legend is about her!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Caprisha Page, who is terrific. I love the energy she puts into the read and her swift pace. Her voices are consistent and help to relieve some of the confusion when another character takes on the narrative. She has a sweet and sassy quality to her read that fits the character perfectly. I hope she stays with the whole series!

Overall, this book was intriguing. There is still so much to learn about the characters and the legend. It definitely ends with many loose threads. This trilogy is most likely best read in order and without any waiting.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts. opinions and ratings are my own.