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Prides of the Moon

Prides of the Moon - Ann Mayburn Amber Moon (Prides of the Moon #1)
This is a yummy quick read. I love the 1NightStand collection because they are compact well crafted stories. This is a uber hot Menage, FFM, good lord once they start they never stop!

I don't read a lot of FF, not typically my thing. This is super sexy though and Ms Mayburn draws you into the characters from the start, very clever mixed narrative gives you everybody's POV. It rally helps move the story along.

Loved it and can not wait to read more!

Emerald Moon (Prides of the Moon #2)
What a great story! I am not much of an MM reader, unless it is in a series. Loved reading about Ben and more about his past. There is such a wealth of feeling in the backstory for Ben and Jude. It is a delight reading about them and then the smexy date happens.

I loved the mixed narrative, really helps having both sides of the story. Another winner in the series and the 1NightStand collection!

Turquoise Moon (Prides of the Moon #3)
Wow!! I was hoping this would be Jude and Ben finding their third!!! What a great story. Theses books may be compact but the world and storytelling are tight!!! I was hooked from the start when we were getting Kara's POV.

Love the mixed narrative giving us a bit of all three. It makes for a more engaging story.

Of course there is all sorts of yummy smexy scenes. YA just can't get enough of that!

I would love to see this book and the last one expanded. The story is just so compelling you want to savor it longer!

Onyx Moon (Prides of the Moon #4)
This is another great book in the series, even with it being MM. I was enthralled. There is so much story packed into this little read. I wish it were longer because it was a delight to read.

There is a yummy smexy scene that will scorch your kindle. Love it when they go all Alpha. Sigh

I have enjoyed every bit of this series and really would love seeing it expanded into full books.

Loved the depth of feelings on this book.

Amethyst Moon (Prides of the Moon #5)
This book has a great story but there is a lot of angst. Noah is in a tough place trying to get a feel for his place in a new world. This book is an MMM, which is not generally my thing.

Still great read with wonderful story telling. I was hoping for more on the mysterious bad shaman. That bit of the series seems to be dragging. I would love more detail and a resolution to that problem soon.

Still a great series that packs loads of story into an itty bitty space.