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Storm Warrior

Storm Warrior - Dani Harper For anybody who follows my reviews, you know I love mythology in all forms, this is a delightful turn into Celtic myth. They had the first fae stories and their fairies were far from the sweet versions we see today. They are beautiful but cruel creatures who one should always tread lightly around. Best not to have them take notice of you!

The beginning of the story is rocky as it sets up our hero's past, we get a little too much warrior detail for my liking. Rhys has had a tough life and things don't get much better for him when he comes across the fae. This section made me fall in love with him more than a little bit.

Jump forward to modern time to meet out heroine, Morgan, who believes in science and is skeptical of magic. She has a big heart and an affinity for animals. I love her spunk and moral fortitude, but I hate that she took so long to see what was right in front of her face. No matter how improbable.

The romance move at a slower pace, which surprised me cause I expected Rhys to be all Alpha, guess the time as a Grim taught him to be patient. When they do get together, oh boy, they could burn the barn down with all that hotness!!! Things get nice and spicy, sadly it was only for a scene or two.

The narrative alternates between the two leads POV. This is great because you get a fuller view of events. It definitely helps get into how Rhys is working to make the relationship work. You also feel Morgan's struggle between science and the man she has come to love.

The story flowed beautifully, great descriptions and implementation of old world myth with modern times. The cast of supporting characters are dynamic and engaging, they really help to sell the story. I might be a little in love with Leo and his new house guest!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Justine Eyre, who has a wonderful feel for the story and characters. I loved all her voices and never had trouble distinguishing who was speaking. The accents are divine, I always was a sucker for an Irish brogue! Her pace was terrific and she has a wonderful way of using her voice to add to the energy of the moment. Definitely going to look for more of her reads!!

Overall, this book as a great find. I was enthralled from the beginning and can't wait to see what happens next. I hope it is connected to this book and not a similar theme in a different location. I really did love the characters and location Ms Harper created.